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My deadline is on fire. Do I have the opportunity to have the edit done faster than the regular option?

Sure, you can choose the rush option. Depending on the service you have chosen, you will receive the result within 24 hours. However, this option is available at an additional cost. 

May I ask for a personal consultation with the editor?

When choosing the Premier service among our online editing services, you obtain the ability to have two weeks of personal face-to-face consultations with the editor. You can discuss crucial points, receive some advice, and get directions about the work process.

What if I need the admission essay to check? Is it possible to edit it or the service provides only academic paper check?

Pen And Paper provides both academic editing services and editing for the admission docs. Our editors specialize in different types of editorial help. 

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Our Mission & Vision

If you feel any hesitation regarding your paper, it is better to provide yourself with more personal assistance and professional support. The best way to do such a thing is to refer to proofreading and editing services. Proficient editors will help you craft your best paper ever! 

Don’t neglect to check the quality of your paper from the professional’s perspective. Checked and proofread paper is what you need both when applying to the educational institution and going through the studying process. Prove the fact that you can cope with any task easily and perfectly! 

How does Pen and Paper work? 

Editing services online is the best way to develop your paper’s quality. Thus, we provide an in-depth check for all kinds of papers. Our acknowledgment gives us permission to work with both admission documents and academic papers. There is no such task we can’t cope with. 

Suppose you are looking for essay proofreading service that can easily increase the quality of the paper or editing service that will provide you with the result beyond a simple look-through edit. In that case, Pen And Paper is assuredly the one you need. 

The process of editing is simple for the customer but a thorough job for the editor. Once you have submitted the order, you don’t have to worry about the paper anymore as it is in the right hands. The editing process takes different times depending on the type of service you have chosen. 

When referring to the Pen and Paper, you have to keep in mind that we are proofreading website that provides editing support. We do not provide any writing options. The editor won’t add any data that is not peculiar to you. Your essay is only your essay. Our mission is just to make it better, not to subject it to the plagiarism policy. 

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I’m an editor, and I love it. I’ve been doing this for 12 years and have a lot of experience with editing papers. My blog is about how to edit papers, so check it out if you want to know more!

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What do our customers say about us?

When applying for the place at Princeton University, I knew that the stakes were high. Every detail was important to make the admissions process successful on the whole. I couldn’t lose that chance, so I decided to check my essay to be sure that it was in its best condition. Proofreading services at Pen And Paper are amazing. The editor polished my writing and gave some recommendations on content improvement. In fact, the essay is a crucial part of admission. I highly recommend referring to such a service as Pen And Paper if you don’t want to fail the admissions process within the bad-written paper.

Kate, Princeton

I am an international student who came to Harvard because of the exchange program. I wasn’t ready for the number of writing tasks I had. Thus, I needed some assistance as I wanted to prove myself and did my best. My groupmate advised referring to academic editing service at Pen And Paper. The editor assigned to the order was very nice. She checked my essay, resolved the syntax mistakes and gave some recommendations on improving the structure of the paper. I decided to listen to her suggestions and implicate some changes. My essay became the way better and easy-to-read one. I am still referring to this service if I need some help.

Erik, Harvard

When I was thinking about studying at the university of my dream, I couldn’t even imagine the number of tasks I would have to do. The most troubling point for me was writing essays on different topics depending on the subject I studied. Thanks a lot to academic editing at Pen And Paper. The editors literally saved my nerves and time. The editor provided me with some crucial tips and tricks regarding the essay writing process and further proofreading. I didn’t even know that everything can be that easy. Also, thanks for having the Premier service. Once I had to submit a very important and personal essay. The editor helped me to shape the best form of the paper as we had personal talks. I will certainly come back for more!

Amanda, UC Berkeley

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Why do you need editing services if you want to create an essay comparable to the masterpiece? 


Having decided to submit an exceptional essay or other academic paper, you have to be sure that it is completely error-free. In such a situation, it is expedient to refer to professional help. Editing services are exactly what you need to polish your paper and make it an incredible one. Professional editor at Pen And Paper service will check your essay and give you some insight recommendations to make your paper way better than before the editing. 

Don’t neglect to take up one more chance to make your essay an amazing one. There is a significant difference between good and outstanding papers, C and A+ marks. 

Depending on the service you choose, we will either only proofread your paper and resolve the possible mistakes or provide you with extensive critique regarding the content and other crucial points of writing. 


How do proofreading services rapidly increase the quality of your essay? 


Even a small thorough check can change your paper for the better. When the reader’s goal is the comprehensive check of your paper from different perspectives, proofreading services is certainly what you need to get the essay in the best shape. Proficient proofreaders at Pen And Paper can check the possible omissions in punctuation, check the typos and spelling, and give you feedback from the professional’s side. 

Even a small error can be a nuisance regarding the whole text. The reader can understand that you didn’t take the time to check the essay, and the paper wasn’t something you went through seriously. 

Moreover, it is a common situation when people get tired of their essay. After re-reading the paper many times, human’s sight isn’t able to notice those small imperfections. Suppose you realize that the paper you have to submit is the determining factor for some result, for instance, for your admission or curriculum activities. In that case, you don’t have a right to fail everything within the essay full of simple-to-resolve mistakes. Do your best with professional proofreading services!


Be the most excelling student with academic editing services!


There is a huge difference between the student who just wants to graduate and the student who makes an effort to become a successful professional after graduation. 

When studying at an educational institution, students are to do a great deal of research and put their thoughts on paper. Submitting such papers allows the faculty staff to understand how the progress goes regarding the particular student in a certain field. Academic proofreading services is your chance to prove that you are that good at studying! The experienced editor won’t change anything in the text as your thoughts are only yours. The thing is that they will only polish the text to make it more readable and easy to understand. Don’t lose the chance to reinforce the teacher’s impression that you are as good as you really are! 

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